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An amazing day....so powerful. I can't wait to see how life unfolds from here! You are an incredibly strong vessel, Kristen. And such a GIFT to me and all of us!   

xoxo Lisie

Thank you so much for the transformational journey I'm on! It was an amazing experience :) Thank you for all that you do.

- Sorrell

Reiki is such a gift to ourselves and our world! Thank you so much for sharing your gift to teach and share this wonderful blessing and tool! Looking forward to continuing the journey!  Light & Love- Constance

Client testimonials....

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Kristen- what a gift Reiki is and an immense confirmation in that I am exactly where I am
meant to be! I've had a great connection to Source for sometime, however, I never imagined a connection such as this- it is truly tangible! Thank you for these life changing attunements not only from myself, but also from my daughters.

I'm adventuring down a path that will
vibrate love, healing and a relationship with Source and Mother Nature for generations to  come! Much love- Aniela xo

Hi Kristen! First of all today's Class today was amaaaaaaazing! Second of all when my sister in law and I got to the car, we both had a missed call from our husbands! And they were the ones we were thinking about during the "experiment". Insane! U truly amaze me every time. Xo thanks for ALWAYS being such a positive influence on all of us and teaching us to channel our inner amazingness. ❤

This journey is endless - in time and all directions. You are already enriching my life in so many ways. It's not by mere coincidence that we've met, and I am very glad of it. Coming to your class, having a brand new experience each and every time, being lifted and "sidewayed" to a different plateau. All this leaves me feeling safe, with a deep sense of well being, knowing this is a genuine & deep experience you have made possible. Thank you - Batia

Reiki has let me accept and understand the conflicts in my life. I feel more attuned to myself, my body and my surroundings. Thank you so much for allowing me to progress in my spiritual journey with this certification process. -S. P.

"I am very careful about who
I work with and allow to be a
spiritual teacher to me.
Kristen created a space that
was safe & gentle for me to
open up so that I could
embrace Reiki in my life.
look forward to the next
level of Reiki & what it will
bring to my life."- Chevonne M.

Kristen has helped me open myself up in order to actually FEEL and see what's going on inside. To feel is to heal. Her presence alone allows for a safe space to be who you are and let down the facade. Nothing but grateful for her existence and wonderful knowledge. Thank you Goddess!! -Lauren L.

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Awesomeness Training at Sacred Circle Teachings 

Awesomeness Training is about you creating your life

the way you want it to be. You have to know exactly who you are and what you are made of if you want to manifest your dream as your reality.  

To change the world, start with you.

I was trained in the old school of Yogic and Shamanic traditions. The Guru, or Shaman, taught each student individually. The Teacher must know the apprentice inside and out. This was a pact between Student and Teacher. I will learn from you and do my best, if you will dedicate yourself to teaching me. It was a solemn agreement, and never done lightly. It takes dedicated focus, commitment and trust to gain wisdom. It's how you learn how to continue on your own. 

What each person needs differs according to many factors. There is no one way to anything - success, happiness or well being. Each road is unique on the journey of Enlightenment.

Which is why I take the time to work with each of my Awesomeness students personally, to get to know deeply what will assist YOU the most in your journey forward. As I remind all of my students, this is YOUR class, not mine. I hold space as your teacher to give you the best tools possible for you to see yourself and to fall in love with the life you are here to live. Without this awareness and dedication, you have simply gone from one technique to the next, with little awareness of how it applies in your life. 

I take my role as yourTeacher very seriously, with great honor and care. I teach you how to Keep UP and never give up. I remind you of what really matters and how amazing you feel when you are in your alignment. I support your strength, not your weakness, your excellence, not your excuses. I train you to hold space for yourself most of all, so that you can hold space for others in your life. Because if you are not able to hold yourself up, how can you support this giant life that you dream of?

I coach you for 6 month or full year training programs,  designed to help you to see who you really ARE in your core. Not just how to do something, but how to BE everything you can conceive of.

My teachers taught me very well how to keep up with a big, beautiful life! It is my mission to share this with the world. Because I want to live on an enlightened planet with amazing humans...don't you?

​Join me now and let's change our world by supporting yours.